Rayong and East Coast

BESIDES Pattaya, on the East Coast such as Rayong, Chantaburi and Trat, are gaining popularity with visitors. Located some 180 km southeast of Bangkok, Rayong is easily accessible from Pattaya. The 80 km journey along Highway 36 takes approximately one hour.

It is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty including its 100 km stretch of coastline, a series of mountains interspersed by flat plains and forested land, and rubber and fruit plantations.

Being on a seaside location, the province is famed for its seafood products and is also well known for its tropical fruits such as rambutan, mangosteen and durian.

Rayong is known for its fishing villages that are far less developed than the coastal villages near Pattaya, it is truly a haven for visitors seeking rest and relaxation.

Rayong Beach
Rayong Beach

Noteworthy seaside spots include Ban Kon Ao, Hat Sai Thong and Suan Wang Kaeo. Ko Samet, which boasts beautiful white sand beaches and coral reefs ideal for scuba diving is gaining popularity as a side-trip from Pattaya.

As national parks go the island has very little vegetation. Most of the trees were cut down or burned, but over the last 10 years secondary growth has taken place giving the island shrubs and bushes and plenty of coconut trees along its coast to provide shelter.

The climate in Rayong is tropical, generally warm and humid with abundant rainfall, average temperature is around 28 degrees C. Best months to visit are from November through February.

ko kudee
It’s a small island, located near east side of Samet. Besides Ko Kudee, there are two smaller islands – Ko Khangkhao and Ko Rusee.

Koh Kudee’s geographical features are of forest and high rocky area with the very beautiful viewpoint while the beach area is located at the front. There are nature trail and fresh water resource at Koh Kudee. The front beach called Sinsamut beach of about 10 m long having the cape stretching to the sea, good for swimming and very shady. North of this island is the snorkelling area where the coral reefs of 200 m wide is rested under the sea at the depth of 2 m.

There are many species of coral found there, such as the Leppuce coral, Acropora Humilis, Pectimia Alciomis coral, and Stat Horn coral.

Payoon and Pala beaches
Located in Ban Chang district at 33 and 36 km, respectively
from Rayong town. These beaches are connected and offer
visitors a peaceful and safe venue for year-round swimming.
The choice of accommodation ranges from four-star hotels to

Navy Shrine
Located near the mouth of the river Prasair in Klaeng, it honours the “Father of the Royal Thai Navy”. To get there, visitors must turn off Sukhumvit Road at Km 278 and go on for about 9 km.

Wang Kaew
One of the most picturesque parts of the east coast, Wang Kaew used to be a famous tourist spot. It is 38 km from town and is a beautifully landscaped headland with a fine beach. Accommodation is available in cottages and bungalow complexes.

Sai Thong Beach
A fine sandy beach in peaceful secluded setting. There are beach front bungalows for rent and a restaurant offering fresh seafood. To reach Hat Sai Thong, drive about 12 km along Highway 3 in the direction of Sattahip, turning off between Km posts 207 and 208 (opposite the Maptaphut Market). Approximately 5.5 km long, this road leads to the beach.

Suan Son Park
Located 1 km from Ban Phe, it is also known as the Casurina (pine) park as the tall trees line both sides of the 1 km road. The shady areas make it a popular place for picnicking.

Sunthorn Phu statue
Further down the road to Klaeng district, 53 km from town, Sunthorn Phu of the Ratankosin era has been designated by UNESCO as an eminent classical poet. The statue is located in the village of Ban Krum, his father’s birthplace. There is a well-kept memorial park at the house site. The statue of the poet in a seated position is placed on a hillock overlooking an ornamental pond. Characters from his most famous works can be seen below him. His beloved hero, Phra Amphai-manee, is playing a flute at the foot of the hill and a graceful mermaid rests on a rock in the pond.

Sunthorn Phu Statue
Sunthorn Phu Statue

Khao Wong Caves
To get there, take the turning at Km 288 on Sukhumvit Rd and travel a distance of 12 km. At Khao Wong, there are about 60 caves around the base of the mountain, many of which are occupied by Buddhist monks, and have been turned into a shrine with a replica of the Buddha’s footprint.