Ban Chiang Museum

Tourist Attractions in Amphoe Nong Han
(Main Highway No.22 Udonthani-Sakon Nakon)

Ban Chiang National Museum
Tel: ( 66) 4-220-8340 ; admission 30B 8:00am-5:00pm)

Within the national museum there are two areas you can visit. The first area is the museum building used to preserve ancient tools and pottery which are 4,000 to 7,500 years old. The second area is an archeological site inside the Pho Sri Nai Temple to show how the bones were found with the pottery buried with the bones.

This is considered the first open museum in Thailand. Ban Chiang is known throughout the world because it is recognized as the beginning of civilization. Archaeologists have determined that the paintings on the pottery found at this site are among the oldest in the world. These prehistoric people are also con sidered the first people to bronze In December 1992, UNESCO declared Ban Chiang a world heritage site

The museum is located in Ban Chiang village, Ban Chiang Sub-district, Amphoe Nong Han. Take Udonthani-Sakon Nakon Rd., and turn left at Ban Chiang intersection (T-intersection that will lead you to Ban Chiang)

Not too far from the archaeological, site, handicraft villages reflect the interesting lifestyle of Thai people, especially In relation to Ban Chiang history.

-The pottery village. Ban Kum Oa, In the Udonthani-Sakon Nakon Rd., right
by the corner of the Ban Chiang intersection

-The painting village, Ban Pu Lu. this Village produces paintings imitating the
ancient Ban Chiang art. The village is about 2km before reaching Ban Chiang

-The rice basket weaving village, Ban Dong Yen. 3km. before reaching
Ban Chiang

-The “three king’ fabric weaving village. Ban That. On the Udonthani Sakon
Nakon Rd., which is 5km. from the Ban Chiang intersection.

The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology has a good page on the archaeological discoveries at Ban Chiang on its website. From the home page type Ban Chiang Project into the seach engine.

Tourist Attractions in Amphoe Ban Dung
Kum Cha Node

It is a sacred place where villages in the vicinity pay their homage. The place is the entrance to the underground world, the residence of the serpent kings according to the belive of the northeast Thai people and Lao people.

The area was the site of a famous ghost story which has drawn many local and foieign visitors. The 20rai area is thickly covered with Cha node trees which is a cross between a sugar palm and a coconut palm. These trees help keep the atmosphere very cool. There is also a shrine and a sacred pond for paying homage.

To reach Kum Cha Node, one has to travel from Udonthani along the Udonthani-Sakon Nakon Rd. After reaching Nong Meg village, there will be a left turn to get to Amphoe Ban Dung (getting there from Udonthani is about 84 km). Then another 9km. to reach Kum Cha Node at Ban Wang Thong sub-district.