Attractions in Mae Taeng

Mae Taeng – Mae Malai – Huay Nam Dang :

A popular gateway to Mae Hong Son. When leaving Chiang Mai by this route. Ones can visit Mok Fa Waterfall as high as its name, then drop at Pong Duad Pa Pae before  reachinging Huay Nam Dang National Park, which is in between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son. It is the quite route in the lush green jungle.

Mok Fa Waterfall
The waterfall is towering high and falls in a single floor right down to the pool in front. The water source is in a mountain at Mae Taeng District, which is still perfect with water all year round. The jungle setting around here is shady, very pleasant.

Starting at the center of Chiang Mai Province, go along Highway No.107 (Chiang Mai-Fang), then take a left turn to get into Highway No.1095, at Mae Malai market. After that, turn left in to a concrete road and go further for about 2 kilometers, you will finally reach the National Park Ranger Unit.

From the car park, walk on for another 350 meters. You will soon be able to admire the Waterfall. The trial will be even, and there’s no need to go uphill.

As the name suggested, it seems that the Waterfall is flowing from the sky among the shady wood, giving a pleasant feelings to us. Let’s have a clear look at the Waterfall.

Mok Fa Waterfall is in the area of Doi Suthep – Doi Pui National Park. Admission fee is 20 Baht per person. One ticket allows you to the entry of another 3 waterfalls, which are : Monthathan Waterfall, Tad Mok Waterfall, and Mae Sa Waterfall. However, the ticket must be used within a day.

From the car park, you have to cross the bridge and turn right, skirting the stream. You will pass by public toilet, Tourist Service Center, resting-shelter. Within the distance of only 350 meters, which you will not even get tired yet, you will soon see the Waterfall.

The Mist of the Sky – wondering who gave it this name. The water vertically pours down right from the cliff of no less than 20 meters in height, down to the pool before our eyes. The source of this water is from a mountain in Mae Taeng District. With the fine forest, the water is plentiful all year round.

The Waterfall features a good ambience, worth relaxing. The guesthouses and shelters are also well arranged.

Pong Duad Pa Pae
Located in Mae Taeng but under the care of Huay Nam Dang National Park. The geyser here will spurt up as high as 5 meters every half a second with the surface temperature of about 95 degree Celcius. For those who like to have a mineral water water bath, there are bathrooms to serve. For a healthy skin, it is worth a try.

When you have finished the trip at Mok Fa Waterfall, get into Mae Malai market and go along Highway No. 1095 (Chiang Mai-Mae Hong Son). Turn left at km42, then go for another 6.5 kilometers until you get to the Ranger Unit. Park your car and you can walk to see Pong Duad right away.

Pong Duad Pa Pae is located within the area of Huay Nam Dang National Park. You will have to purchase a ticket for the entrance at 200 Baht per person. The ticket can be used for an entrance of the nearby Huay Nam Dang National Park as well.

Looking over from the car park, a vast area, running across by a stream can be seen. This offers a great scenery. Walk further for around 500 meters, you will then see hot spring gushing from below the earth every 30 seconds, with the height of about 5 meters. The temperature of the earth’s surface is about 99 degree celcius. It is known that bathing in a spa is good for one’s health. It encourages Wood circulation and helps cure some skin problems. Spas are also provided here as well.

For those who are fascinated with the atmosphere at this spot are able to pitch tents. Restrooms are provided. However, food are to be prepared by yourself.

Before getting into Pai District, tourists who leave for Mae Hong Son by using Mae Taeng-Mae Malai route often drop by Pong Duad Pa Pae and Huay Nam Dang National Park, which located in the middle of the route. Let’s us tour on the Huay Nam Dang National Park

Huay Nam Dang National Park
The Headquarter of Huay Nam Dang National Park located on the joint of Chiang Mai’s and Mae Hong Son’s border. Most of the tourists who go to Mae Hong Son from Chiang Mai and pass by Mae Taeng District and Mae Malai District, often drop by Huay Nam Dang National Park before they enter Pai District in Mae Hong Son province. Some groups of tourist are happy with the ambience and stay overnight here, as the sea of flying mist in the morning is magnificent.

There are many Interesting spots as follows :
DoiKiewLom Viewpoint: Due to the height of the hill, one can overlook a broad scenery, stretching up to Doi Luang Chiang Dao. The view is very beautiful, especially in the morning, when the flying mist fills the whole valley, revealing just a sharp top of Doi Luang Chiang Dao. Imagine how beautiful it would be.

Around the area, there are also beautiful flower plots growing in consecutive levels. They will even create a more beautiful atmosphere when the National Park adds more flowers in the plot.

Doi Chang Viewpoint: On the north of Ban Huay Nam Dang, there is a beautiful viewpoint for morning which is as nice as Doi Kiew Loin’s. This is because from this viewpoint, you can overlook a sea of mist and complex mountains, stretching away for about 20 kilometers. The route is still a laterite one.

Doi Sam Muen: Drive along the laterite road which skirts around the hill for about 30 kilometers and you will get to Doi Sam Muen. During the mid-winter, Nang Phaya Sua Krong flowers will be beautifully bloomed all over Doi Sam Muen. In the beginning of winter, the beauty of Mexican Sunflower at Doi Sam Muen is no less than those at Doi Mae U-kor. There are some goods, though not so many, sold at Doi Sam Muen. There are small villages which their residence still live in an old fashioned style. The reason why they named the hill” Doi Sam Muen” (Thirty-Thousand Hills) is because there are around 30,000 hills altogether in the same Thanon Thongchai Range.