Attractions in Pai District

Travelling to Pai District is easy.
Starting at Bangkok and head for Chiang Mai. This can be both by train, coach, air-plane or your private car. If you want to experience a joy of travelling, and feel a touch of genuine expenditure (You should have at least 4-5 days), try travelling by cabin bogle, an upper or a lower cabin will do.

Get off at Chiang Mai, and regain your energy at the train station. After that, catch a red Song Thaew which is of a large number in Chiang Mai. Tell the driver to drop you at Chiang Mai Transportation Terminal. The fare is about 10-20 baht each, next, buy an orange-bus ticket for Chiang Mai – Pai – Mae Hong Son, which costs 80 baht. The bus will pass by Pong Duad and Huai Nam Dang National Park, it takes about 3 hours to get to Pai. The bus will stop over at Mae Sai. There will be coffee, food & beverage, and toilet on service. You will have to travel for a little while before you get to Pai.

The route up and down the hill are extremely steep with a lot of windings. If you are not getting used to, brought along with you some travel sickness pills, or else you will lose the pleasure in the jouney. Moreover, please check your belongings before getting off the bus.

Bus schedule:
Chiang Mai – Pai – Mae Hong Son Route
Chiang Mai           Pai         Sop Pong     Mae Hong Son
07.00 a.m.    10.30 a.m.    00.30 p.m.    02.30 p.m.
08.00 a.m.    10.30 a.m.     12.00 a.m.    02.00 p.m.
09.00 a.m.    00.30 a.m.    02.30 p.m.    04.30 p.m.
10.30 a.m.    02.00 p.m.    04.00 p.m.    06.00 p.m.
00.30 a.m.    02.00 p.m.    04.00 p.m.    18.00 p.m.
00.30 a.m.    04.00 p.m.    06.00 p.m.    08.00 p.m.
04.00 p.m.    07.30 p.m.

The price rates.
– Chiang Mai – Pai 60 Baht
– Chiang Mai – Mae Hong Son 145 Baht
– Pai – Mae Hong Son 53 Baht

Air-conditioned van: Chalng Mai – Pai – Mae Hong Son Route at 200 Baht per single trip.
Leave at 08.00 hrs. daily.

The bus from Pai to Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son
Pai – Chiang Mai.
Leave daily at 08.30 hrs., 10.30 hrs., 12.00 hrs., 14.00 hrs., and 16.00 hrs.
The price rates at 60 Baht.
Pai – Mae Hong Son.
Leave daily at 08.30 hrs., 10.30 hrs., 12.00 hrs., 14.00 hrs. and 16.00 hrs.
The price rates at 53 Baht.

Private Car
Drive to Pai. After having your car checked, with full tank of fuel, then speed up your car and head for Chiang Mai, using Chiang Mai – Fang route. Go along Highway No. 107, pass by Mae Rim District. When you get to km 43, there will be trisection, which is called Mae Malai Fresh Markets, locat in Mae Taeng District, in Chiang Mai Province. There, you have to take at left turn to Highway No. 1095 (Mae Malai – P route) for about another 100 kilometers.

The route uphill will be rather steep and winding, driver shouldn’t be careless During the way, there will be two checking points. There also a viewpoint, from where you can view Doi Luang Chla Dao, and a beautiful natural scenery, especially, In winter wh the fog is dense. However, drive carefully. Some part of road may be damaged and you have to pay more attenti Bon Voyage!

Pong Duad Hot Spring

142 kilometers along to highway no. 1095 from Mae Malai to Pai District, Mae Hong Son Province. Pong Duad Hot Spring (Pa Pae Hot Spring) is the first site where tourists are found of to visit it is one of big site hot spring. The temperature of soil is around 90-99 °c the ground temperatre is around 176-203 °c. That’s one of fascinated the tourists to visit and one important is Pong Duad Hot Spring is located on Pong Duad Ranger Unit area. Therefore, general area condition is decorated to have beautiful shady, variety of facilities services provided to the tourists such as information services, camping area, bathroom, parking-lot. Natural Study route; etc. Having comfortable travelling because it is asphalt road through out the route but it’s too small lane, therefore, please be careful.

An Interesting characteristics
– Pong Duad Hot Spring is the Geyser type which has high temperature and high pressure and spouting into soil almost all the time. From parking-lot, there is shady pathway , to Pong Duad Hot Spring 500 meters and there is safety area to visit Pong Duad Hot Spring. Sometimes, hot spring will have 2 meters height and have rather strongly odour with eight meters height of steam 200 meters not far away, there is also mineral bath for tourists. Tourists should have at least half day at here, but if you have , much time, we can camping or have natural route study which has both half day (2 hours) and two nights overstayed.

Huay Nam Dang National Park
As in the past, it had ever Doi Sam Muen Highland Development Project in order to make a solution of forest invasion and destruction near stream source and there has good ediction project i.e. hilltribe development project. This National Park has area of 1,247 square kilometers and it was 81st rank of the country, covers area of 4 districts i.e. Mae Taeng District, Chiang Dao District, Wiang Haeng District, Chiang Mai Province and Pai District, Mae Hong Son Province. Majority area is high cliff and the highest peak i.e. Doi Chang Peak with its height 1,962 meters from sea level. It is the river source of Pai, Ping and Taeng River.

Characteristics of National Park
– Doi Kiew Lorn Scenic Viewpoint which is the first point thinking of because beautiful natural especially morning atmosphere. Doi Kiew Lorn Scenic Viewpoint, there is a small lawn at front wind and resting area behind and variety of flowers.
– Doi Chang Scenic Viewpoint is the highest point of this National Park, which can be sight-seeing around and varies of orchids to admire and it’s suitable for natural study lover.

Facilities: Good condition of road, polite officer, good atmosphere, having toilet services and exhibition to visit. But must pay for the lodging. Huai Nam Dang arranged 4 housing and can stay in 6-8 persons/house. Should be advanced contact at least 2 weeks before and there is also camping area. Please contact at tourist service center to pay for camping fee at 30 Baht /person/night and having welfare shop.
More Information :
Huay Nam Dang National Park Tel: (66) 5347-1669.

Tha Pai Hot Spring
Besides of beautiful well-known of Huai Nam Dang Waterfall in Huay Nam Dang National Park, it is the location of Tha Pai Hot Spring. Forward driving to National Park at km 87-88, turn left about 2 kilometers to the destination.
Tha Pai Hot Spring is located on Ban Tha Pai, Mae Hee Sub-district at the upper left of Mae Pai Forest.

From highway no.1095 to convenient concrete road throughly to hot springl up-down hill. Two sides of road is shady with trees, especially Teak Forest. 500 meters walking to Hot Spring when reaching at parking-lot Surrounding area covers with foggy and has strong odour. There are two big hot swells and the temperature in the pond is 80 °c and has water stream flows out from well, can be soaked for muscle relief.

Tourists can bring tent for camping without any charges nearby Hot Spring. Please arrange things by yourself because of no facilities services provided there.

Muang Paeng Hot Spring
It is not so believable that there are many interesting in Pai District such as temple, Pagoda, National Park, Waterfall or even though three sites of Hot Spring to visit, especially Pong Nam Ron Muang Paeng, the hottest temperature is 95 °c.

It is located on Ban Muang Paeng, Muang Paeng Sub-district nearby Mae Ping Ranger Unit.

If you would like to visit by your car, using the highway no, 1095 to Mae Malai at km 85-86, and then turn right along highway no. 1265 . It is laterite with concrete road until to the area, it is the big hot spring located on resident’s plantation that is not suitable for soaking but it’s suitable for natural visiting.

Tourists can bring tent for camping without any charges but should be get permission from Mae Ping Ranger Unit. No facilities services to serve.

Mo Paeng Waterfall
This waterfall is mostly popular to visit in Pai District because it is not so far away from the town. The tourists are fond of rental fWcycle or motorcycle riding all day through. Accessible final phase is off road, therefore your riding proficiency is necessary for your -safety.

Mo Paeng Waterfall is not so big and water flows throughout the year. This waterfall can be descending flown with its height, 5 I meters into below basin. Not any dangerous to cause painful and without any charges to visit, shady and cool atmosphere. There are ^villages of hilltribe and small restaurants to serve. Having several resorts which has good atmosphere along the route to this waterfall.

Muang Paeng Hot Spring
This hot spring is under care of Mae Ping Forestry Preservation. It is located on Muang Paeng which is far away from Pai District 35 kilometers. Using of your private car is most suitable The road is concrete and laterite. It is the vast hot spring which has hot water flew out from the well to be the stream. No facilities services provided near hot spring, therefore, should be prepared by yourself.

Wat Klang
Not far away from bus station so much. It is the Wat Klang location which was the old temple of Muang Pai. Wat Klang is located on Wiang Tai sub-district. The prominent characteristics of this temple is Stupa of Thai Yai arts and beautiful golden sqare Buddhist structure surrounding with image of Buddha standing and Stupa of Mon arts surrounding.

Shady and cool, peaceful within the temple. Free of charges to visit and the old people will give alms at here on the important of Buddhist Day.

Wat Nam Hu
From Pai Town to Pai Hospital about 3 kilometers, Wat Nam Hu is located on the left hand. Wat Nam Hu is the old temple which has Phra Aun Muang like image of Buddha Singha Sam with 500 years old. Special features of Phra Aun Muang i.e. hollow head, the upper part can be opened and closed and will have water penetrated all through outside. Phra Aun Muang constructed with bronze.

There is Chedi of Phra Nang Supankanlaya Memorial, whom was an elder sister of King Naresuan. The temple will open everyday for visiting.

Chedi Phra That Mae Yen
(Wat Phra That Mae Yen)
Sight-seeing from Pai District to the east, there is Wat Phra That Mae Yen on uphill. Wat Phra That Mae Yen has beautiful scenery and peaceful. There is only one Buddhist priest lived in this temple. He will tell the history of this temple and talk with the tourists. No evidence to proof period this temple constructed.

It is located near bell tower which can have beautiful scenery of Muang Pai all through. Foreigners are font of visiting this temple to meditate, take a photo and visit the beautiful way of life. Majority they are fond of visit in the eveing in order to watch sunset and the peaceful of mind. This temple is clean because of take off your shoes is necessary from the temple’s gate and strolling on tile.

Kong Laen
Kong Laen is one of interesting site in Pai District. It is located 8 kilometers before reaching Pai Province and turn left for 200 meters. Prominent characteristics of Kong Laen is like Pae Muang Phi in Prae Province i.e. the earth is eroded or be sinked and some phases was abyss not so deep but dangerous. Kong Laen has area of 5 Rai and has beautiful sight-seeing. It takes an hour strolling to visit.

Huai Chok Luang
Located on Mae Ya Forest, Mae Hi is not so well-known because it is far away from Pai 43 kilometers. It is located on uphill with beautiful scenery. It is utmost suitable in winter because of blooming out of flower in the midst of foggy in winter.