Southern Thailand

The real wonderful holidays in Thailand
The real wonderful holidays in Thailand

You’ve found paradise. Escape to a land of exotic islands, pristine beaches and luxurious spa. Honeymooners have finally reached heaven.

Andaman Coast :

A Tropical Paradise
Not too distant from Phuket are many other splendid islands, most of them largely uninhabited. In adjacent waters scuba drivers will find near perfect condition, and marine life is rich and varied.

Similans , the best known of these islands, lie to the northh of Phuket. Classified as a nature park, the Similans comprise eight unhibited islands, although a camp site has been developed on Miang, the large of the group. Especially colourful coral formations in the surrounding waters make the Similans a top favourite with scuba divers.

Phi Phi ,the twin islands, some 20 kilometres southeast of Phuket and served by daily ferry boats, offer natural scenery even more pristine than that of Phuket. Here are not only secluded beachs, blue sea and backdrop of lush tropical vegetation, but also sheer cliffs rising dramatically hundreds of feet above the water.

Chumporn & Tao Island , Chumporn is renowned for it’s high representation and variety of species of black corals and associated marine life. Due to it’s remote location, the island of Koh Tao experiences some of the clearest waters and preferrable diving conditions in the Gulf of Thailand; perfect in fact, for being amongst the numerous pelagic visitors drawn in to feed.

Phang Nga Bay , Here the seascape is made truly fantastic by hundreds of limestone outcrops. Some rise sheer from the water, other are humped or jagged, and all are strange and hauntingly beatiful.