These heavens of luxury and tranquillity are offen in top-class hotels. Choose between Bangkok, or beach resort locations, then enjoy herbal massage treatments and therapies, using natural products and techniques which are ancient traditions in Thailand.

For those arriving in the thriving capital Bangkok, a spa trip is the perfect tonic to the big city bustle and a marvellous way to revive the muscles and liven the senses alter an energy-zapping flight. Whether there for business, on a city stopover before heading off on vacation, or a permanent Bangkok resident, the metropolis is enamoured with an abundance of body tuning spas, housed in premium hotels within tourist enclaves, as well as a diverse gathering, of independent spas just walking distance from the city’s elevated train route.

Spa in Bangkok
Spa in Bangkok

Bangkok’s spas are among the most stylish arid evocative havens to health. Typically these intimate oases flow with natural light, creating a very calming Zen mood, with private treatment suites and a range of therapies that immediately ease away the urban strain. They harness the best of ancient, and modern therapies from both the Hast, and West., with experts on hand to help you seek inner peace.

After your trip to the spa, what better way to maintain that newly focused mind and revitalised body than by exploring some of Bangkok’s 400 temples. Known as the ‘village of plum olives’, the present capital of modern Bangkok took seat in 1782 and was originally settled on the banks of the mighty Chao Phraya River. The centrepiece of this new capital was the man-made island of Rattanakosin which was home to the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Centred round the country’s most, sacred image, the small jade Emerald Buddha, these magnificent royal sites are ornately crusted in gold, porcelain and glass – captivating tributes to continuing religious devotion.